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Call a doctor immediately on demand or book an appointment to suit your schedule.

02 Receive video consulting

Discuss with your doctor about your health conditions and get professional help.

03 Track your health

Get your prescriptions and track your medical records right in our app.

Our services

Connect patients to doctors

Connect patients to doctors

Support users to get healthcare anytime, anywhere.

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Connect hospitals to hospitals

Connect hospitals to hospitals

Provide equal opportunity for patients living in areas that have less access to good healthcare.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Doctor+Doctor is an application providing a video call platform to connect patients with doctors anytime, anywhere.
Doctor+Doctor makes healthcare easy with just one phone call away from professional doctors. The app saves you time and money on waiting and travelling.
Doctors who participate Doctor+Doctor are qualified professionals. They passed our vertification process on their expertise and work history. Moreover, doctors are reviewed and rated by their patients in order to give a fair evaluation.
The appointment fee will be varied from doctor to doctor based on their expertise and year of experience. You must add credit in your e-wallet to be able to make calls. For more details, please read your doctor's profile and refer to our Payment Policy.
Doctor+Doctor accepts following payment methods:
- Visa/Mastercard
- Scratch card: Viettel, Mobifone, Vinaphone
- D+D card: similar to a scratch card. This card is issued by us and you will be credited 100% of card value (available at partnered clinics and pharmacies )
You can use Doctor+Doctor services at our partnered clinics and pharmacies without any app installation, and make cash payment. However, you cannot save and track your health profile this way.