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Improving everyone's health by making healthcare as accessible and afforable as possible

Our Story

Everyone has been to a hospital at least once in their lifetime, whether it was to see a doctor yourself or to accompany someone else. Going to a hospital has never been an exciting experience. Patients must wait for hours and hours before their concerns attended to. The gloomy atmosphere begins from the hall all the way to the doctor’s room. Due to the lack of resources, patients must play the waiting game at every step of the way. They wait to register their names, wait to be called in, wait to take medical tests, wait for the results, wait for results reading and wait to buy medicine… The thoughts of going to visit the doctor is daunting. Everyone knows it is going to take a while – people usually take a day off school or work just to see a doctor. For people who live far away, they have to leave home early or even the day before.

Visiting a doctor has truly become a daunting task for every patient…

Understanding your struggle, we have developed Doctor+Doctor to ease your pains with waiting. The application not only can connect patients to doctors immediately, but also at any time they want. With that in mind, we have put in our best efforts to offer the most accessible and affordable healthcare. With Doctor+Doctor, healthcare will no longer be a burden but a mere pleasure instead.